Southwestern Rugs or How I Found My Interior Design Bliss


Southwestern Rugs or How I Found My Interior Design Bliss

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Southwestern Decorating Has Become My New Obsession

I believe southwestern décor in our environment impacts the interactions we have with one another and the process of decorating affects our mental wellness.

Although I am an introvert, I love being at my friends’ and families’ homes. A home is a place where we can be ourselves and grow closer together. For me, the physical environment is a huge part of it. I have been at friends’ homes that are very minimalistic and although it is “aesthetically pleasing”, it doesn’t feel warm or inviting but hygienic, like a doctors’ office. On the other hand, other friends’ homes have all kinds of artwork, different patterns on couches and carpet, and many kinds of colors everywhere. In those homes, I can feel a little overwhelmed and distracted because there is so much to look at, kind of like walking around Venice Beach Boardwalk.


Although southwestern décor may not make or break my relationships, it definitely can impact my behavior in a place I consider so sacred. Rather than a home being a place of freedom and intimacy, the décor and space can keep me in a more protective and distracted mindset. In turn, it can keep me from fully investing in what I normally would into an interaction. I know that sounds pretty extreme but an environment, including décor, make a difference in the ways we respond to each other.

However, since discovering southwestern decor, my view has really shifted. I’ve begun to really appreciate decorating and have found a real peace and happiness within it. I stumbled on a southwestern style Pinterest board and have been obsessed ever since. Last weekend, I spent hours trying to find the perfect southwestern rug for my newly created southwest style home.

Another reason décor and the process of decorating is important is the creativity involved. I work in a school, I’ve gone to school for a long time, and I am about to go to school for a little bit more. Although this is changing slowly, assignments in school and work processes are taught to us and we are to follow the instructions given. I understand that we do not know how to do everything and need to be taught.

However, in order for us to learn, we need to practice a task in a way that someone else requests for it to be done. When decorating the places we live, individuals get to be creative and dream up their own visions as well as problem-solve how they will achieve their décor-related goals. Whether one is living alone or in a group, the individuals involved can come together and assess what they want a place to feel and look like then execute that vision in the way they decide. Using our imaginations is important and stretching the artistic muscle can add a little color, literally and figuratively, to everyday life.

In my opinion, décor in a home has an impact on social interactions and using our imaginations. There are many other reasons that it can be important, whether it points to culture, history, or achievements, but the ones I mentioned above are the reasons that it matters most to me.